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API Technical Writer

Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, IsraelSupport

Job description


Revelator is a premier provider of digital IP infrastructure to music companies globally. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions empower music businesses to thrive in the digital age. We are driving the music 3.0 economy forward by enhancing speed, accuracy, and transparency in rights management, digital supply chain management, and royalty distribution.


We are looking for a technical writer who is looking for the challenge to create excellent Developer-facing documentation, including user-guides, integration guides, troubleshooting references, and sample code in order to streamline onboarding and user-experience. You'll be playing a critical role in the development of Revelator's expansion as it launches a new web3 Music IP protocol.

You'll be joining an experienced team and play a critical role in helping developers and other technical users understand how to use our API. You will take ownership of Revelator’s developer-facing solutions and collaborate with our product engineering teams to produce best-in-class API documentation and developer experience for Revelator’s suite of APIs.

The ideal candidate should have an established background in creating developer-facing documentation and developer portals, must be able to communicate technical information clearly and concisely and work closely with other stakeholders to ensure that the API documentation is accurate, complete, and useful. If you're passionate about building and improving developer tooling for a fast-growing company in the music industry, we encourage you to apply.


Job requirements

  • Create and maintain developer-facing documentation and ensure information is efficient, clear, up-to-date, accurate and scalable.
  • Work with the Engineering and Product teams to gather information for a range of audiences to design and implement world-class software products.
  • Gather customer feedback and relay to Product teams in order to improve usability
  • Writing API documentation: create clear, concise, and accurate documentation that explains how to use the Revelator API. This may include creating user guides, API reference guides, code samples, and other technical documentation.
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness: API documentation must be accurate and complete to be useful to developers, and that the documentation is up to date and reflects any changes to the API
  • Collaborate and work closely with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders to understand the API and its use cases.
  • Work with customer support teams to understand common issues and questions related to the API, and the use cases and requirements
  • Create API specifications to define the API's functionality and requirements.
  • Create code samples and tutorials to demonstrate how to use the API in different scenarios and help developers understand how to use the API
  • Provide feedback and support to developers and other stakeholders on ways to improve the API's usability and documentation.
  • Provide support to developers who have questions or issues related to the API


  • The opportunity to work in a fast-paced Start up environment with experienced industry leaders.
  • A learning environment where you can really learn latest technologies and make an impact on the future of the Music industry.
  • An equal-opportunity oriented Work environment where every employee is respected, valued and empowered indiscriminate of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, culture........
  • Work-from-home or from our offices or a combination of the two
  • Competitive Salary
  • Pension and Study Fund